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    1 USD =Tasas 05/31/2016

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    Internet Content Publisher
    TV / Radio

    Location/Market (City, State): Albuquerque, NM
    Media (Station Call Letters and Channel): KLUZ, KTFQ, KRZY-FM, KRZY-AM 
    Company Division: TV & Radio Interactive
    Job Type (i.e. Part-Time, Full-Time): Full Time
    Job Title: Internet Content Publisher

    Job Description/Responsibilities:  

    Entravision Communications Corporation Albuquerque is seeking an Internet Content  Publisher for an innovate and evolving Digital Media Department. The position will be responsible for management and updates of content for local TV and Radio websites. Brainstorm, plan and ensure completion of digital content for programming, promotions and sales departments.

    Writes creative copy for station websites, specifically article pages, contest pages, and station talent sections. Works with sales, programming, and promotions departments to create flash graphics, banner ads, and specialty website content.

    Analyze streaming and Web site metrics on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure traffic and sales goals are met.

    Market sites through web 2.0 initiatives such as WordPress blogs, SEO and social networking profiles.
    Work directly with promotions team to create promotional concepts and contesting. Provide statistics and webshots for client recaps. Help build digital sales revenues through coordination of digital sales initiatives. Act as a sounding board for sales staff when preparing digital sales packages.

    Cooperate with Entravision Corporate Division on implementing new online products and training.

    Job Duties:

    Job duties include but are not limited to:

    • Hands-on team member that is knowledgeable in social platforms, editing, and adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.
    • Manages and updates content on KLUZ, KTFQ, KRZY-FM, and KRZY-AM websites.
    • Writes creative copy for station websites, special interviews, contest pages.
    • Works with sales, programming and promotions teams to create graphics, banner ads, video pre-rolls and audio spots.
    • Analyzes streaming and web site metrics on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure we are pacing on track to meet campaign goals.
    • Investigates all discrepancies with Adops.
    • Processor of all digital orders with OMC, Pulpo, Mobile and Social Media Teams.
    • Market sites through Word Press, SEO and Social Platforms.
    • Works with promotions to create promotional concepts and contesting.
    • Provides statistics and screen shots for client recaps.
    • Works closely with the sales team in presenting to clients and creating sales packages.
    • Creates concepts with digital interviews, scripts and video editing.
    • Strong Spanish verbal and written skills with attention to detail required.
    • Other duties as assigned.

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    The position requires proficiency in a Mac OS environment including MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel).  A self-starter who learns quickly and has the ability to work independently and multi-task, strong written, and verbal communications, a high level of organization and time management skills with attention to detail as well as excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to meet deadlines in an ever changing environment a must. Qualified candidates should have experience working with Dreamweaver or a similar HTML editor. Photoshop, Flash and audio/video editor knowledge. Experience with HTML Coding CSS/DXHTML and server languages such as Javascript, PHP, ASP and XML. Familiarity with Hispanic Culture and/or previous media experience a plus.

    Salary: Commensurate with experience.

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